To Crave Healthy Food, Reprogram Your Appetite

When your tummy starts to rumble and grumble what do you do?

Take a quick drive to the drive through? The supermarkets are usually open twenty-four hours too. That rumbling in your stomach is your body telling you to get going before you start to starve.

In the past, it was a trigger to us to go out and rummage for food. Almost like a survival instinct. Here’s how you can take control back over your appetite and what your body craves.

Control Your Appetite By Exercising

Regular exercise can help to dampen your appetite. You may think that when you have an intense workout, you would be immensely hungry afterward. Which isn’t the actually the case? Studies have found after a workout the body has lower levels of hunger-inducing hormones and higher levels of appetite-suppressing ones. Now unless you are an Olympic athlete running a marathon or are a tree trimmer, then you won’t feel famished after a good sweat.

An ugly truth about getting thin, you will be hungrier. The human body is designed to survive so if you drop a lot of weight in a short amount of time, your body will fight to regain the pounds lost.

Not all hope is lost, though. Studies have found that if weight is lost in smaller amounts over time your body won’t trigger the hormones to make you hungry. Your welcome.

Curb Your Hunger With Eggs

Keep these foods close and in arms reach to keep cravings at bay. Barley, water, eggs, and red pepper help to curb hunger. Barley helps to regulate your appetite. If you drink water before your meals you will most likely eat less. Having an egg for breakfast actually helps you to eat less throughout the day instead of skipping a meal. Adding red pepper to your food curbs the likeliness of wanting to eat sweets and oily food.

There are foods that can make your hungry tummy even worse. Rice cakes are horribly made with starches and sugars. It will usually give you a sugar high, then leave you down and out afterward leading you to feel ravenous.

Stay away from diet drinks! Because they are so sweet, your body anticipates bursts of energy and because it doesn’t get it from the sweeteners it instructs your body to ingest more food for the missing calories. Anything with high fructose corn syrup doesn’t effectively make you feel full at all.

Diet Soda Makes Your Hungrier

Red meat is okay on occasion but in large amounts, it can be bad for your health. It can suppress your appetite curbing hormones making you feel even hungrier.

Get enough sleep, or if you deprive yourself of it, your body will make more of the hormones to make you hungry. Being in a panic mode, scared, frightened, stressed, mood etc. makes you crave sweets so try to relax a little.

Be careful of the medications you take as well. It could make an imbalance in your appetite. Make sure to consult your doctor about any medications you may be taking and the result of it.

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