Jogging: The Good & The Bad

Jogging: The Good & The Bad

Exercise is essential to great health. There are many ways to get some exercise in whether it’s at home or at a gym. The main point is getting some exercise in, considering the many benefits. One way to get in a good exercise is jogging. Jogging may have a label some people may not be into, but there are many beneficial factors to jogging that many people may tend to overlook. Let’s get into the details of jogging and see if I can change your mind and make you want to get outside and go for a jog.

Running is said to be the “king of cardio”. Which makes it great for your heart. Running for five to ten minutes a day at slow speeds can drastically reduce cardiovascular disease according to some studies. So you can fit in ten minutes of jogging three to four times a week right? Every time you run, you decrease your resting heart rate so your heart doesn’t need to work so hard next time. When you run, your body also releases feel-good chemicals. Not only does jogging strengthen joints but it also incinerates calories. It’s a great leg workout and also known as great meditation. Do I not make you want to get out and run right now?

How much jogging is too much? Yes, it is possible to get too much where it starts to be harmful to the body instead of beneficial. But you would have to run more than twenty miles a week, more than six days a week, or run faster than eight miles an hour. It is pretty steep, but for advanced runners, this is where to draw the line.

Clearly, the positives of jogging trump the negatives which there really isn’t any unless you over do yourself. So get outside and get some time in. Your body will thank you later.

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