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The Kitchen Cabinet Cure

The Kitchen Cabinet Cure

If you’re someone that can appreciate an everyday household item that is organic, fairly inexpensive, and has many beneficial uses for, then this article is made for you. Below I will list the many reasons why you should keep raw and organic apple cider vinegar in your pantry.

Yes, apple cider vinegar has more uses than just in cooking and removing your t-shirt screen print. Some of you may already some of these benefits but let’s see how much you know. There’s a wide range of uses for vinegar. First off, if you have an upset stomach or diarrhea, drink a glass of water with one or two tablespoons of vinegar. Its antibiotic properties will fix that in a jiffy.

Say you have hiccups and you’ve tried everything. Try taking a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. The sourness of the vinegar could stop it right in its tracks. It also overstimulates the nerves in the throat responsible for the spasms. Continue reading The Kitchen Cabinet Cure

To Get Thin, Just Make A Few Adjustments

To Get Thin, Just Make A Few Adjustments

For most people, one of their goals in life is to lose weight or get fit. Whether it’s to lose a hundred pounds or ten pounds, I’m sure it’s on a lot of our lists of things to accomplish. It doesn’t take a whole lot to accomplish your goal and you don’t need a personal trainer either.

It takes a few tweaks to your routine. Along with making more conscious decisions, healthy adjustments, and a little exercise, you make a huge impact on how you look and feel.

The first thing to do is to eat out, less. I didn’t say completely, so don’t freak out. Start with eating out less and making more healthier choices when ordering at that next fancy restaurant. If you are going to eat fast food, try not to supersize it either. Eat less junk food and snacks. Tackle this hard one by completely missing the snack aisle the next time you stock up on groceries. You could even eat smaller meals so you can splurge on that dark chocolate you saved for dessert. Continue reading To Get Thin, Just Make A Few Adjustments

Jogging: The Good & The Bad

Jogging: The Good & The Bad

Exercise is essential to great health. There are many ways to get some exercise in whether it’s at home or at a gym. The main point is getting some exercise in, considering the many benefits. One way to get in a good exercise is jogging. Jogging may have a label some people may not be into, but there are many beneficial factors to jogging that many people may tend to overlook. Let’s get into the details of jogging and see if I can change your mind and make you want to get outside and go for a jog.

Running is said to be the “king of cardio”. Which makes it Continue reading Jogging: The Good & The Bad

To Crave Healthy Food, Reprogram Your Appetite

When your tummy starts to rumble and grumble what do you do?

Take a quick drive to the drive through? The supermarkets are usually open twenty-four hours too. That rumbling in your stomach is your body telling you to get going before you start to starve.

In the past, it was a trigger to us to go out and rummage for food. Almost like a survival instinct. Here’s how you can take control back over your appetite and what your body craves.

Control Your Appetite By Exercising

Regular exercise can help to dampen your appetite. You may think that when you have an intense workout, you would be immensely hungry afterward. Which isn’t the actually the case? Studies have found after a workout the body has lower levels of hunger-inducing hormones and higher levels of appetite-suppressing ones. Now unless you are an Olympic athlete running a marathon or are a tree trimmer, then you won’t feel famished after a good sweat.

An ugly truth about getting thin Continue reading To Crave Healthy Food, Reprogram Your Appetite

Healthy Snack Recipes: So Good It Won’t Ruin Dinner

Snacking in between meals is just fine when done consciously and moderately. Our children are very fond of snacking but are you really providing them with enough healthy options? What about yourself? Are you snacking well, or just because? Let’s put together some simple recipes so we can get to healthily snacking again! None of this prepackaged, artificial stuff for us anymore. Our bodies deserve better than that, right?

Homemade Pickles

Not everyone enjoys pickles, but in my household, we love pickles. Did you know you can make an awesome jar of pickles in your own home and have it ready to be bitten into within twenty-four hours? Continue reading Healthy Snack Recipes: So Good It Won’t Ruin Dinner

Ways To Live A Healthier Lifestyle For Busy Bees

It seems almost impossible to make healthy choices when you are short on time. Between the children, career, responsibilities, and obligations, you barely have enough time to even remember to breathe.

But with these tips, you will be able to make a few changes in your life that will have you feeling a little bit better so you can carry on your mission to take over the world.

Everyday Fitness Tips

Fitness might be totally out of the question for some of you. But setting aside a small amount of time for exercising can be super beneficial and will be felt body and mind for a long time after. You don’t need to workout for a long period of time either. Twenty minutes is actually just enough time for you to get a good workout in. Continue reading Ways To Live A Healthier Lifestyle For Busy Bees